Whenever any content is uploaded to a hosting account or downloaded from it, some website traffic is generated which is a feature that each hosting plan includes. It's furthermore one of the features it is important to check, as how much website traffic allowance you'll need is dependent upon what you need the account for. The traffic is primarily produced by downloads including web site visits. In simple terms, each time someone opens your web site, the pages are downloaded from the server on their computer system and they're afterwards shown by their web browser. It's also recommendable to be aware that uploads are considered too, which means that if you back up bigger files from your pc to the server, some web site traffic will be generated as well. Different suppliers sometimes have different names for this particular feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet they all refer to the very same thing - the exact amount of incoming and outgoing information produced for a period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Hosting

All of our hosting are suitable for any type of small to medium-sized website and even a larger number of sites. Considering that you can host many domains in a single account, we have designed the plans in a way so as to supply you with all of the functions you will need. Regardless if you run a private portfolio web site or an electronic commerce website, our monthly website traffic allowance that your web site may use will never be a problem. In this way, you'll have the opportunity to widen your web presence and have lots of new site visitors without worrying about getting to some cap. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel provides you with elaborate data for the traffic usage to and from your account, that will enable you to take care of your web sites as well as your account much better. You will be able to check hourly, daily and monthly statistics, the site traffic produced by each domain and by the account altogether, the most downloaded files, etcetera.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers

All of our semi-dedicated server plans can host various resource-demanding sites because they come with a large amount of processing power. Such web sites typically produce a lot of website traffic and for this reason we have made the decision not to limit this feature. With a semi-dedicated server, you'll be able to have as many site visitors as you can get without worrying that you will reach a restriction for the site traffic they will produce. For your benefit, you can keep track of what's going on in your account because we'll provide you with monthly, daily and hourly numbers for the website traffic your sites generate. As a result, you will have an idea of how they operate at any time. You will even be able to view which page or file has generated most of the traffic for each web site hosted in your semi-dedicated server account.

Monthly Traffic in VPS Servers

With every VPS server plan that we offer, we provide a unique monthly traffic quota that will depend on how powerful your server is. Thus, we're able to keep the lower-end packages inexpensive and provide you with the opportunity to pick the package you really need depending on your budget and your resource requirements. Upgrading from one plan to another is quite simple and will take just a couple of clicks in your VPS billing Control Panel, so that if you start getting more visitors at some point and you need an increased traffic quota, you're able to move to a better package at any time. We'll update you whenever you reach 90% of your monthly quota, hence you will have enough time either to upgrade or to optimize your sites, so that you can reduce the outgoing website traffic. The VPS packages also come with a server management panel where you can see what amount of traffic has already been used for the current month and what amount is left up till you reach the allowance limit.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers

Taking into consideration how powerful our dedicated servers are, the data transfer that you'll receive each month will be enough for any type of website whatever the amount of its visitors, even if you offer file or image hosting. You will get an allowance of terabytes of site traffic each and every month and as you won't share the server with anybody else, that quota will be accessible only for your sites and web applications. We will notify you whenever you reach 90% of your allowance so you can react and either optimize your websites to lessen the site traffic they generate, or increase the limit. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever require more than what we'll supply you with, yet we will not limit the development of your sites, so we leave the chance to add more site traffic open. The dedicated server packages come with an administration panel where you'll be able to see the amount of website traffic has been produced so far for the current month and what amount is left until you get to the limit. Considering that these figures include software setups as well as all updates, they're more precise than any hosting Control Panel statistics that include just the website traffic made by sites.