The service uptime is commonly ignored by many people when they're looking for a new hosting provider, but it can often be far more significant than the actual plan attributes. It won't matter how good a plan is if the sites hosted in the account are inaccessible for long time periods. These downtimes are generally penalized by search engines, not mentioning the fact that site visitors will most likely not go back to a web site they experience problems with. Because of this, it is essential to check the stability of the hosting service before you get a new account so as to be sure that the prosperity of your websites is not going to depend upon third-party factors, but entirely on their content and on your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Hosting

Our hosting plans include a 99.9% service uptime warranty. We're able to reach that goal by using a groundbreaking cloud hosting platform in which every service (files, e-mails, databases, and so forth.) has its own set of servers. We don't run everything on one web server as most providers do, so we have pretty much eliminated the downtime of any service and even in peak times we can balance the load between servers for the best achievable performance of your web sites. If one server fails, the other ones in the cluster will take over in order to provide continuous functioning of the web sites. To protect yourself from infrastructural challenges, our web server facilities use powerful diesel backup generators and several independent Internet providers as to ensure that site visitors will be able to reach your internet sites no matter what. We also have a crew of expert professionals overseeing the web servers 24/7/365.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers

With our semi-dedicated server plans, you're going to enjoy a 99.9% service uptime and you can just forget about any interferences you may have experienced with other providers. Unlike the majority of hosting providers, we do not manage everything on one web server. As an alternative, every single part of the hosting service, like the file storage, e-mail messages, databases, CP, stats, and so forth., has its own clusters of servers. If one web server fails, the others shall take over, so your internet sites will not be affected. We employ a revolutionary load-balancing platform which ensures the optimal performance of both our servers and the internet sites accommodated on them. Various different Internet providers and diesel-powered generators are our backup in the event of an infrastructural problem, while a team of skilled professionals, which is available 24/7, keeps track of the system in case there are software difficulties. Using our semi-dedicated servers, your internet websites are going to be up and running no matter what.

Service Uptime Guarantee in VPS Servers

Our Virtual Private Server plans come with a 99.9% uptime warranty. The stability and availability of the service is ensured by several Internet providers and diesel powered backup generators. In addition, we employ new hardware for the physical servers in which the VPS accounts are set up to prevent any chance of hardware dysfunction and each part has been tested thoroughly. The security of your data is ensured by employing enterprise-level hard disk drives working in RAID and the uptime warranty time includes all routine maintenance procedures, so your Internet sites shall be working basically without any disturbances. Our competent admins will resolve instantly any software issue that could show up, so even if there is a problem with another VPS server account on the physical hosting server, your VPS shall not be affected. The web server uptime is listed on our internet site and not hidden in our Terms of Service given that we can keep our promise and provide an exceptionally reliable hosting service.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Dedicated Servers

All of our dedicated solutions come with a 99.9% hosting server and network uptime warranty and maintenance procedures are contained in the other .01% of the time. We check out each server thoroughly before we hand it over to the customer and we work with new hardware components to avoid any chance of hardware issues. Any unpredicted software problems can be resolved immediately by our system admins as they keep an eye on all web hosting servers 24/7. In order to avoid infrastructural issues, our data center in the downtown area of Chicago employs powerful diesel backup generators, while the connection to the web servers is ensured by redundant fiber lines from various backbone Internet providers. To be on the safe side, we also have hardware and software firewalls, so even if your sites are flooded, we can take action immediately and filter the unwanted traffic before it reaches your dedicated server and disrupts the proper functioning of your sites.