Web and FTP statistics are usually included in the standard web hosting service. They'll show you how your sites behave in terms of popularity and visits, which can help you boost numerous sections or change a marketing campaign. There are various pieces of software with which you can monitor the traffic to an Internet site and while a number of them are more detailed, there's a fundamental amount of data that they all display. This includes the daily and the monthly visits, the referrer - i.e. if the visits came directly or through a third-party Internet site, the most visited pages, and so on. This sort of data can provide you with an idea of where most of the website traffic comes from or which pages are more popular, so you can take measures and correct the content on the other pages or start promoting in another way, to increase the number of visitors and the time they commit to the website. Subsequently, this will permit you to maximize your profits.

Web & FTP Statistics in Hosting

The web statistics that we'll provide you with are quite detailed and shall offer you all the info that you need about the traffic to your Internet sites. Via the Hepsia Control Panel, provided with our hosting accounts, you have access to two different programs - AWStats and Webalizer, in order to get a better idea of how the Internet sites are doing. The statistics are hourly, daily and monthly and feature quite a lot of information - how much traffic is created by real people and how much by bots or search engines, where the website visitors have come from and if they're new, the most downloaded information, the visitors’ IP addresses, and so on. This data is shown in graphs and tables and you can save it if you need to make a report about the functionality of any Internet site, for example. An in-house created tool shall also show you the site visitors and their locations in real time.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated servers come with a couple of apps which will supply you with a detailed picture of the performance of all the sites hosted within your account. They're named AWStats and Webalizer, and they'll make available to you all the information you may require. The info is very detailed, so aside from the standard monthly, day-to-day and hourly site visitor stats, you'll also be able to see things such as the most popular first and last web page viewed by your visitors, the search engines which introduced them to your site together with the keywords they were searching for, the world-wide web browser and the Operating System they were using, and a lot more. Having this information will enable you to figure out which elements of the website perform worse than the others, so that you can take measures and improve the content, in order to make it more alluring for visitors. You can even adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly to raise the incoming traffic to these web pages.