Check out Vavatau Technology’s domain names video presentation for more information on the domains registration and managing services, available at Vavatau Technology.

As a way to give our customers with extraordinary domain name registration prices, we had gone straight to the domain names source – the companies that are directly in control of every one TLD. We started relationships with many of the popular domain name vendors in order to get our TLDs from them, while not having to deal with a domain name reseller company.

In this manner, you get a pick of more than 50 distinct domain name extensions, all offered at the best prices.

To be able to provide you with considerably better domain name administration experience, additionally we launched a distinctive Domains Manager tool. It’s built in Vavatau Technology’s unique Online Control Panel and it will let you deal with all options for your domain names. Also, it has smooth multi–domain managing options and it’s really complete with powerful tools.

Furthermore we present SSL Certificates, which you can pick up directly from your Control Panel. It is not necessary to attend a third party company to simply purchase an SSL anymore. And if you are planning to apply the SSL Certificate inside your account along with us, we are able to install it immediately on your behalf. Other than standard SSL certificates, you’ll be able to additionally get a Wildcard SSL certificate, which can be used for many different hostnames or perhaps for a sole one – just like the ordinary SSL certificate.